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Statements of Support

“I met Matt and his family 6 years through our children’s school connection. We began partnering in UChicago campus ministry in connection with the church that I pastor, Living Hope Church, Chicago. Matt also led Navigator students to some of our church ministry projects. I also served on Matt’s Sabbatical team, at which time I joined him in the process of thoughtful wrestling with how he could best use the gifts and experiences God has given him, and now I’m delighted to see the fruit of that emerging. Matt is a deep thinker, has a wide-open heart, a joyful spirit, and a big vision for reaching this generation for Christ.”


– Brad Beier, Pastor of Living Hope Church and US Army Chaplain

“Having been a part of campus ministry here for the last 15 years now, I strongly believe that the Christian ministry community at the University of Chicago is facing an unprecedented “kairos” moment of mutual collaboration, unity, and mission. Responding to the call of this critical moment, Poema is strategically positioned and equipped to facilitate the Spirit’s unifying renewal work on campus—much like the ligaments and connective tissue structure holding the entire Body together (Eph 4:16)–so that all of God’s people may be flourishing in their relationship with the Lord and in their ministries to others. I am excited about Matt and Kori Podszus’ new role through Poema and I am fully on board with supporting this important Kingdom initiative on campus.”


– John Yoon, Medical Faculty at UChicago Medicine, Lay Leader of Hyde Park Church

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